Mobile Half Pipe Hire

Our Mobile Half Pipes are brilliant for Schools, clubs and parties. If you like the look of these fantastic ramps and would like to know more use the form on this page.


Mobile Half Pipes in action


One of the only rental companies with a Mobile Half Pipe

Highline Adventure half pipes are an excellent alternative to street courses because a completely different set of tricks can be performed. Mobile half pipes are ideal for skateboards, inline skaters, scooter riders and BMX riders, and can be set up in about an hour and dismantled in a similar time. The Halfpipe requires an area of 6 metres by 10 metres to be set up adequately.

Our mobile half pipe is an excellent stand-alone ramp or can be used together with our trailer skatepark. Being fully surfaced it can be used either on a sealed surface or firm grass.

mobile half pipes

Whilst only two riders can be active at once, large groups will gather and wait their turn. For this reason, such a ramp could be particularly suitable where engagement with the young people is sought, for example for counselling programmes or police liaison/drug awareness projects.

The only limit is your imagination!

Area required: 6m x 10m


Advantages of the system include:

  • Complete with equipment
  • Health & safety
  • Risk assessments

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Rent a Mobile Half Pipe from Highline Adventure

Half Pipe Facts & Event Planning

Available for rent staffed or unstaffed

Takes 45 minutes to set up

Available for full-day, weekends or long term projects hire

Erected and dismantled by Highline Adventure staff (except for long term rentals where training will be provided)

Safety helmets must be worn, of which 20 will be provided

Additional safety equipment such as knee pads, wrist protectors etc will be provided and must be worn

Skateboards are also provided