Spider Mountain & Slide

Want something a little different? Try Highline's Spider Mountain & our Spider Slide!


Spider Mountain & Slide in action

Spider mountain hire

A mobile climbing wall experience with a difference! Climb up vertically through a series of 7 vertical chambers made up of horizontal webs of criss-cross elasticated bungee webbing.


No need for harnesses or helmets, just make your way in through the easy entry, then scramble up, it’s not as easy as it looks, chamber by chamber, the heavier you are the more the elastic stretches, the harder it is, light and agile wins again, up to the very top at over 7 metres high.


Outrageous fun for all ages, energetic, exciting, and such a buzz looking out from the top, way above, looking down at people like ants on the ground from your spider haven.


No worries about falling, there is no clear path to drop down, as you come down you will be caught by the bungee's at each level on the way, and the spider mountain is enclosed by a safety net from top to bottom.


Spider mountain when packed down requires an access of 3m high x 2.3m wide with a reasonably direct approach as it is 8m long.

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Rent Spider mountain from Highline Adventure

This equipment is ideal for fun activities;

  • A challenging experience every time
  • great for developing motor skills
  • good spectator value
  • easy entry and exit for adults and kids alike
  • no time spent with harnesses and helmets

Also ideal for Team Building with challenges such as;

  • Get a team member at each level of the tower
  • Get every team member up and down
  • Ball Team Relay
  • Team Relay
  • Race to the top, one on one.
  • Fastest time
  • These challenges can be pitched at any level for all abilities.

Spider Slide – for extra excitement!

Climb up then slide down 7 meters on our new inflatable slide! If you would like to find out more about our BRAND NEW Spider Slide, please contact us.

Area required: 10m x 20m

Spider Mountain Facts & Event Planning

7 metres high

Max 15 people at once

Any age

Max 15 stone

Bungee elastic spiders webs

Fully enclosed with netting

Erection in 5 mins

Instruction and supervision given