Mobile Adventure for Schools, Clubs & Companies

In this article we look at mobile adventure, what it is and why it's a great idea for clubs, schools and companies. We will discuss the types of equipment you can choose for mobile adventure and what makes it a good choice.

Why is mobile adventure a good idea?

You can bring exciting equipment to almost any area to engage your audience, whether this is a club, school or village fate. The ability to be able to run a short-term event in this way helps to contribute to the demand and interest.

Who uses mobile adventure equipment?

Well anyone who wants to bring in equipment for an event. This can be a private hire. We often get families hire our equipment big birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and even christenings.

Scout Groups and Girl Guide Adventure Days are regularly arranged with our help.


What equipment is popular for Mobile Adventure Activities?

Below are popular options for adventure days.

Mobile Climbing Walls - Super exciting and the main event, also hired with Bouldering Walls.

Spider Mountain - Ideal for adults and smaller children, a great activity with a softer edge.

Mobile Halfpipe Hire - If you have teenagers or scooter-mad kids, the mobile halfpipe is a brilliant activity for them and it will keep them occupied for hours.

Bouncy Castle Hire - If you have a village fate, birthday or anything else a Bouncy Castle is a classic British activity.