What is the use of halfpipe?

Mobile Half Pipes

A halfpipe is used in performing stunts in sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, rollerblading, scooter riding, and BMX riding. Children, teens and adults alike love the freedom of a half pipe.  What does a half pipe look like?  Typically, half pipes are a structure with a U-shaped cross-section and a half-moon-shaped chute or ramp, and…

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Mobile Adventure for Schools, Clubs & Companies

In this article we look at mobile adventure, what it is and why it’s a great idea for clubs, schools and companies. We will discuss the types of equipment you can choose for mobile adventure and what makes it a good choice. Why is mobile adventure a good idea? You can bring exciting equipment to…

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Seven Brilliant School Activity Day Ideas

This article reviews seven brilliant School activity day ideas and what makes them ideal for School children.   Creating Experiences with School Activity Day Ideas We have around nine core activities, and seven of these are included as Activity Day ideas on this page. There are a host of things we can do alongside these, and…

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Top 5 Reasons Schools Hire Mobile Climbing Walls

mobile climbing wall, children quing

What is more exciting than seeing a mobile climbing wall in the school field and preparing to climb it!? These 5 reasons are why schools use our activities year after year: 1. Fun Students of all ages have enjoyed climbing out mobile climbing walls for the last decade. You only have to look at the student’s faces…

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