Seven Brilliant School Activity Day Ideas

This article reviews seven brilliant School activity day ideas and what makes them ideal for School children.  


Creating Experiences with School Activity Day Ideas

We have around nine core activities, and seven of these are included as Activity Day ideas on this page. There are a host of things we can do alongside these, and the experienced Highline Adventure team challenges the children through a series of tasks to amp up the excitement.


Why are Activity Days Good for Children? 

When children have been working hard as a peer group or year, perhaps as an entire School, it is essential to encourage and acknowledge this positive behaviour. At Highline Adventure, we've been providing outdoor activities since 2003 and have helped hundreds of Schools across the UK celebrate their children's achievements. 

  • Exciting 
  • Experience Lead
  • Team Building
  • Grounding 
  • Life Skills


How can experience days help children?

With the cost of living increasing across the UK and families having less disposable income, fewer are able to spend cash on experiences for their children. Some children will have never experienced a Climbing Wall or been able to compete in archery days. Activities like this are grounding as it means that kids from across the School or year can discuss their experience of the activity day and what they enjoyed the most. Some will overcome fears, and we've seen it all. So whether your children are fearless warriors or not quite sure, our experienced team of professionals can help them experience a climbing wall for the first time together confidently. 


One - Mobile Climbing Walls are perhaps one of the most exciting activities you can do for an activity day. The walls are huge but quick to erect and dismantle so the children can maximise their time on the apparatus. So if you are considering this activity, here is more information on Mobile Climbing Wall Hire


Two - Mobile Half Pipes

Many will have Scooters, and some will have tricks, even if they don't. Mobile Half Pipe Hire is a fantastic activity for kids nowadays, with Skating making a strong comeback. 


Three - Bouldering Walls

These are ideal on their own or hired alongside our Climbing Walls The bouldering walls are a safe place for children to build confidence, and more of them, up to six at a time, can engage in climbing. 


Four - Archery Days

Perhaps one of our best activities is marquees for wet days, and we take the children through training to ensure that they learn how to use the equipment safely while trying various challenges. The sense of achievement from Archery Days is significant, and as a School, you can take pictures to commemorate this. Ideal for School News Letters.


Five - Skate Park Hire

These can be set up in just 45-mins from arrival, so things can be going quickly. Children receive training and coaching on how best to use the equipment, and this is useful for building confidence to use the equipment. Bikes, Scooters and Boards can all be used on the ramps. Schools are normally ideal for this activity thanks to the large playgrounds.  


Six - Spider Mountain

Ideal for kids and adults alike, and 7m high, with chambers to catch you. Partnered with the inflatable slide, it is a great activity for learning and negotiating. Spider Mountain can take some thinking to complete when it's filled with objects. 


Seven - Bouncy Castle Hire

Bouncy Castles are always a winner and can still be experienced by non-able-bodied students if it is safe. Because castles can be hired alongside other apparatus, they are excellent for keeping kids entertained, including those that do not fancy the climbing wall or perhaps cannot for medical reasons. 


Are you planning a school activity day?

If you are thinking about School Activity Day Ideas, then the seven activities we've included above are great options. There are very few Activity Day Companies like Highline Adventure. We can offer a combination of hire options to make your job easier and provide the children with a fantastic experience they'll remember for the rest of their lives. As one of the more long-running outdoor events and activities companies, you can be sure of its success. If you are worried about catering for students with special needs, we will discuss the merits of each of the activities based on your feedback and the student's capabilities. 


What's next? How do we do this? 

First, fill out the form on this website and let us know your interest. Our admin team will call you to find out more and check a few things, site access, internal procedures, point of contact and dates required. Then working with you, we will plan out your School Activity Ideas and get them signed off with your decision makers and own admin team. We make the process simple and hassle-free, and the results speak for themselves, but in case you were wondering, here are some reviews - See testimonials


See you soon for some fun and laughter, Highline Adventure!