Mobile Skate Parks: What are they, and why are they great for activities?

If you ride a scooter, a BMX, an inline skate, or are a skateboard fan, then mobile skate parks should be your first choice when looking for mobile activities. These structures are made from ramps and rails, and they are designed to provide a platform for skating in a Popup Skate Park format. And since they are portable, they can be set up temporarily for a few days or weeks.

For instance, Highline Adventure offers mobile skateparks for hire, suitable for scooters, inline skaters, skateboarders, and BMX riders.

The image shows a teenager using our halfpipe with a BMX,  This was a teenagers party day in London.

Who hires Popup Skate Parks?

A surprising variety of people hire skate parks; typically, these are some of the most common in our experience. If you belong to a group looking for some exciting activities, share our website with the stakeholders so that we can help. 

  • Scout Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Private Parties
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • TV Studios
  • Councils
  • Charities 
The image shows a teenager using our halfpipe with a BMX, they are mid-stunt. This was a summer camp run by the council. It was semi-permanent and was at the School for 3 months.  

What are the benefits of Mobile Skateparks?

There are numerous benefits when you hire mobile skate parks over permanent ones. These include but are not limited to the following:

- Portability

Portability is the reason they are called mobile. They are highly portable, and hence, the convenience of moving them from place to place is made easier. You can take them with you to any location of your choice (within reason).

- Ease of setup

Because they are non-permanent, you don’t need to be an expert to set up a mobile skate park. Apart from being easy to set up, you can also customise it easily to suit any skill level, environment, or skateboarding style, and this makes them fantastic for all ages and skills and superb for School Activities.


- Educational

Mobile skate parks can be educational, demonstrating safety to students, showing them how to do things correctly, and explaining the risks so that they do not make bad decisions. Mobile activities like this can also be used as a reward for achievement at the end of the year or wherever you want. 

 - Cost-effective

Compared to the cost of acquiring a permanent skate park, the mobile ones are affordable and are easy to acquire by anyone rather than having a permanent one. They are also easy to maintain, and hence, with a limited budget, it would be prudent to consider a mobile skate park ahead of a permanent solution. It is often this type of approach that local authorities use when they are testing out locations and footfall ahead of investment. 

- A lot of fun

One thing with mobile skate parks is that you can take them anywhere. Whether it is a festival, a community event, or just a fun activity, they are great and suitable for all ages.

- Versatility

Mobile skate parks are also versatile, which means you can use them for skateboarding or scooting. They are also ideal for use by schools, scout groups, clubs, or any other organisation.

When Are Mobile Skateparks Used?

Mobile skateparks have gained a lot of popularity due to the value and advantages that they have over permanent skateparks. For instance, schools use them for end-of-year rewards and summer fayres as rewards for good results.

Some parents hire them for big birthdays like 13 and 16. Also, Councils (Local Government) can hire mobile Skate Parks for Summer camps to test the popularity before a permanent solution is given.


Other instances may include: 

Places without a permanent skate park

In a place where there are no permanent skateparks, mobile ones become the option. If you want to practice skateboarding or have fun in a place without a permanent skatepark, you can then hire a mobile skatepark for the purpose. We also support monthly hires, so if this is a consideration, get in touch sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. 

Events and competitions

Mobile skateparks are also useful when it comes to competitions and events. They can be used for competitions and events in schools, community centres, and clubs, among other locations.

Learning and fun

Skateboarding, inline skating, BMX riding, and scooting are some brilliant activities to engage in. Adults and children can enjoy these activities.

How Much Does A Permanent Skate Park Cost in the UK?

Building a skatepark is actually expensive. It will cost about £122,000, but the cost also depends on the size and other factors such as the type of materials and technology you are going to use and whether you are building it by yourself or hiring an expert.

Therefore, if you were considering building one, you need to weigh the options, the advantages and disadvantages, but the prudent use of your money would be to hire when you need, just for a few days or weeks.

Hiring Mobile Skate Parks

If you are considering hiring a mobile skate park for scout groups, fun days and events in your school, community centres, or even for training and competition, we can deliver that to your expectations. We do hire them out across the UK, and you also need to ensure you have an area of at least 400m2 for setting it up.

Then, you need to go through the process that we have outlined below to help us understand your needs.

Inquire about our mobile skateparks and everything you need to know here.

After the inquiry, our team will examine your case and contact you to learn more details about your event and requirements. Some of the things to find out will include the date, location, access, and the quality of the equipment and the staff to manage and run your event.

The process is simple and straightforward, and we always deliver to meet our clients’ expectations. See you at your event.


We are a trusted and renowned organisation that is easy to work with. If you are in the UK and need to hire a mobile skate park, you can get quality equipment and services at an affordable cost when you choose us.

Of course, working with a professional organisation like ours means a lot, especially if you want to enjoy seamless event preparations and get top-notch services that others have tested.

A professional organisation like the Highline Adventure always examines your event's details to ensure everything goes smoothly. Therefore, whether you are hosting a community competition, outdoor fun for both adults and children, training or competition, or want to hire for your school or club, then you can make your inquiries here: