What is corporate promotion?

Corporate promotion is the increased promotion of a business or service for the benefit of gaining new custom.

Why do companies do promotions?

Companies do promotions to create brand awareness and product awareness. This can be to other Services and product launches. Highline Adventure has worked with brands like North Face. This was the perfect partnership for corporate promotion with an outdoor activities apparel brand.

What is the goal of promotion?

The goal of promotion is to develop awareness and introduce a new customer base to a product or service, often with a long-term view of retaining their customers and selling to them again in the future. For example, giving away keyrings is a useful way of continuing the brand message beyond an event because users will retain a keyring, often using it on a daily basis, potentially exposing the brand to more people.


How can we promote your business?

Highline Adventure provides a selection of interactive outdoor activities which allows branding,  pop-up banners,  and to some degree the skinning of our climbing walls, which will help present your brand.

The sense of achievement for many after climbing our climbing walls can be significant. The takeaway is a sense of fulfilment, providing the user with many hours of discussion after the event.


Exhibition Stands

Alongside our branding opportunities on our climbing walls,  Highline Aventure is often used to working with external exhibition companies such as exhibition designer.co.uk.