Why not hire our exciting mobile equipment in 2023?

The new year is set to be the most enjoyable yet, if you decide to hire our equipment for your event. We work with various individuals, schools, groups and event planners in providing them with our mobile climbing walls, mobile bouldering walls, mobile half pipes, mobile skateparks, archery, team building and mini fencing for their events.

Here is a lowdown on why our equipment is so popular:

Mobile Climbing Wall Hire

We have 3 mobile climbing walls for you to hire for your event. Our climbing walls are often available to rent at short notice. Our mobile climbing wall creates a distinctively energetic and exciting component to your event, and will prove to be a real pull amongst your audience. Our mobile climbing walls are easily transported and allows us to travel with them to anywhere in the United Kingdom. We also have a team of highly trained instructors who can run the mobile climbing walls at your event.

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Mobile Bouldering Wall hire

Bouldering walls are ideal for every age and are very popular for larger groups such as schools and scout groups. Our bouldering walls come in 3 sizes: full size bouldering wall, junior bouldering wall and baby bouldering wall). A handy hint, ask our team about getting a baby bouldering wall free of charge when you hire a mobile climbing wall!

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Mobile Half Pipe hire

Mobile half pipes are ideal for inline skaters, skateboarders, scooter riders and BMX riders, and can be set up in about an hour and dismantled in a similar time. The Half pipe requires an area of 6 metres by 10 metres to be set up adequately. Our half pipes are an excellent alternative to street courses, because a completely different set of tricks can be performed!

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Mobile Skate & Scooter Parks

Our mobile skate parks are ideal for BMX riders, inline skaters, boarders or scooters alike. These mobile skate parks are suitable for all abilities and comprise of a set of street course ramps, ideal for large numbers of skaters of all abilities. They provide something for everyone, from beginner to expert!

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Our GNAS qualified instructors can provide archery courses & archery days to groups of all ages. Our equipment is fully portable and extensive; with 6 targets and 25 bows of all sizes to accommodate all ages. A tent to shoot from and nets are provided alone with all archery safety equipment. All you will need to provide is a safe open area of 20 metres by 30 metres.

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Want something a little different?

Try our unique Spider Mountain & Spider Slide! It is essentially a mobile climbing wall experience with a difference! Climb up vertically through a series of 7 vertical chambers made up of horizontal webs of criss-cross elasticated bungee webbing.

No need for harnesses or helmets, just make your way in through the easy entry, then scramble up, it’s not as easy as it looks, chamber by chamber, the heavier you are the more the elastic stretches, the harder it is, light and agile wins again, up to the very top at over 7 metres high.

There you have it, as a company Highline can provide the lot for a perfect activity-filled day. If you would like us to work with you in 2020, please feel to contact by calling 01775 720 180 or sending us an enquiry here


Happy New Year!